myDeathSpace in the NYT

November 5, 2006

In Online Mourning, Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead – New York Times

Mike Patterson, founder of, which every day features the profile pages of about 25 MySpace members who have died, said so many people had been writing nasty things that he removed the comment function from the site in June. Mr. Patterson restored it two months later, after adding software that flags keywords and requiring users to register if they want to post comments.

Still, problems arise.

Pamela Tay said she felt ill when she discovered a discussion on MyDeathSpace about her 18-year-old daughter, Kelli Laine, who was killed by a drunken driver in 2001.

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is there a problem that this solves? what inspired this?

here’s info for the Mayor’s office:
Office Hours and Location
City Hall — 3rd Floor
Monday through Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Contact Info:
Mayor Nancy Cozean

The Common Council is the deciding body before this goes to the state.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

City splits over peace officer plan

Fire inspector, animal warden may get powers

City of Poughkeepsie Councilwoman Gwen Johnson is worried that designating fire inspectors and the animal warden as peace officers could infringe on residents’ constitutional rights through warrantless searches and arrests.

City officials countered that would not be the case and defended the proposal.

The designation would give the inspectors and officers certain powers, for example conducting warrantless searches at fire scenes or homes where animals are being confiscated. The powers would only kick in during the performance of their official duties.

Peace officers can also make arrests and detain people when they deem it necessary during an investigation. Officials stressed the city’s peace officers would not be armed.

“I just don’t see the need for this,” said Johnson, D-7th Ward, of the proposal before the Common Council. “I think they’re doing a good job with the powers they have right now.”

Effect downplayed

Fire Chief Kenneth Boyd told the council Tuesday night at city hall that inspectors do investigative work at fire scenes. He said giving inspectors peace-officer status does not mean they would patrol streets and make arrests, and that police would still work on suspicious fire investigations.

“There seems to be a significant amount of misinformation,” Boyd said after hearing resident concerns. “This is certainly not a return to the Wild West or the Dark Ages. … They will not be police officers. They will not be performing a police function.”

Officials said peace-officer status would not apply to firefighters, only fire inspectors. Boyd said fire inspectors are peace officers in Rochester, Buffalo, Utica and Syracuse.

Poughkeepsie Corporation Counsel Stephen Wing said residents should not be concerned that peace officers have too much power.

“A fire inspector cannot just traipse down Main Street and start arresting people,” Wing said. “This is not a broad-based thing where they go out and arrest people willy-nilly.”

Wing said peace officers would be allowed to serve appearance tickets on alleged violators and handle criminal complaints in court. The measure would also allow peace officers to interview suspects at a scene and compel them to read suspects their Miranda rights.

But several residents who spoke Tuesday night said they were concerned about the “We have police in our community to do what they need to do,” said Mae Parker-Harris, who worried that authorities might target the city’s predominantly minority north side.

Resident Eunice Johnson said the prospect of peace officers entering homes would be “against our constitutional rights,” and that police already serve and protect the public.

“We don’t need others interfering with what they’re doing,” said Johnson, who is not related to the councilwoman.

The council took no action in the proposal, instead referring it to the Public Safety Committee for review.

If the council passes the measure, it would still need to be approved by the state Legislature as part of a home-rule request.

August 31, 2006

infomecial evangelism… why not?

(i kno i had a similar idea once… was this is?)

but yeah… say… a cheese grater… for forgiveness

i can rub a cheese grater against my face the wrong way… and be fine… i could rub it the other way.. and grate the skin off my face…

forgiveness is like this…

when u look back over time to the actions of people in your life… you see things through the filter of the causal chain AFTER the deeds…

if u look with timeless objectivity… from BEFORE the deeds… and give… freely.. what was taken… you Fore-Give… and claim that the deeds were ok… because.. it was not theft… but a thing freely given…

that’s forgiveness

you have to look at things from the right direction… or you’ll get your face cut

buy this cheese grater for a friend.. it’ll remind them of Jesus…


so why not a whole series of things like this?

all sorts of late night ron popeel products… with lil sermons in em…

“ur gonna fill ur home with crap anyway.. .why not let that crap remind you of the teachings of the lord??”

reality show:
different religions.. or just Christian denominations live together and try to evangelize each other…

how about

product placement in evangelical ads?

“david… drink Gatorade… and pray… no fear”

“daily word brought to you by coke”

these are vehicles… is that bad?

if it is bad…

is that bad??

i feel like… sometimes the most evil stuff.. and the most holy stuff… are the same…

what could be more evil than to scourge and crucify the son of god?

he seemed like a nice guy…

that’s evil as hell…

but what a holy occasion…

im serious

(this has not been proofread for sense or grammar…)

new plugin

August 31, 2006

but will i blog more??

because i am an idiot… ridiculous bullshit befalls me and i exacerbate it with my knack for ruin…

what should have been a simple poop… became a flood… involving two floors… a couch… a computer… mopping.. laundry…  cursing… and this entry


what a way to spend ur day off

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Thomas G Henry’s Somewhat Ridiculous B’day Party

Posted By:
The Townhouse

Hosted By:
Thomas G Henry

Saturday Jul 08, 2006
at 8:00 PM

msg me for directions
poughkeepsie, NY 12601
View Map

a keg… a salad bar… a kissing booth… … …and I will abso-fucking-lutely cry if I want to.
Your RSVP:


» Change RSVP

function DropDownSelect(obj, val) { var i; var len = obj.options.length; for (i=0; i

Hiya!!I turn “the big two five” on Saturday and I want you to come and be drunk in my home with me.There will be no door prizes.
There may or may not be a salad bar.
There may or may not be a keg.

Do NOT bring me gifts… I have “a thing” about gifts. I will burn them without hesitation still in their wrapping… (unless it’s a living, unharmed fire fly)

There will however be a “Kissing Booth”.

I will be charging $1/minute of making out with……… Me.

Why? Because it’s that kinda “somewhat ridiculous birthday party”. If you’ve ever been curious about the leathery chops on this grimey mug… this will be your opportunity to “make all your wildest dreams come true.”

Making out with with me for a minute at a time is fun, safe, and you might just learn something*.

Persons in relationships must show proof of permission from their significant others. This can be a signed permission slip from him/her or a waiver from you that he/she will not know, and or care, and or try to “get” me, and or wreck my stuff as a result of your actions in, around, or pertaining to the kissing booth.

I may or may not donate every dollar to something meaningful.

I will also accept living, unharmed fireflies as currency.

Proof of a complete recent negative STD test enters you into the orgy raffle. KIDDING……………………………………………………………………………………

But I spose if u wanna pay each other a dollar to make out without me that’s fine too. Maybe if a significant amount of money gets raised I’ll actually donate it to something… suggestions?

Usual Townhouse rules apply… call or write for directions (845.22.88.555,, )… smoking out back… quiet out front… park in guest spaces only… BYOB encouraged but not mandated… nudity mandated but not encouraged… crashing is welcome but you may or may not wake up being spooned by me or Rob, or you may or may not have to share a futon with 17 children… dont drive drunk.. u may or may not get all burned up like that chick in the bulliten…

I hope my vanity is equal parts digusting and fun. I am actually very fragile and lonely. I’m scared no one will come to my birthday party. I’m scared that no one will ever kiss me again… because it’s so expensive… cuz of the gas prices.

MOST IMPORTANTLY (even more important than not drunk driving) PLEASE WEAR A FESTIVE HAT%%%%%%

*(You may or may not actually learn anything.)