I know YOU eat McDonalds….

September 28, 1990


I thought this was really rich and worthy of syndication…

“…You’re so vain
I guess you thought that blog was about you…”

(cmon! u know the words! …don’t you?)


Pizza Hutt-ocrites

September 27, 1990

omg i cant believe you would shop at walmart or eat at mcdonalds…

YUM! Brands, Inc | BuyBlue.org: “Chicken, pizza, and tacos — oh my! YUM! Brands (formerly TRICON Global Restaurants) is one of the largest fast-food franchisers in the world, trailing only McDonald’s in overall sales. It outnumbers the burger giant, however, in store locations, with more than 33,000 units in about 100 countries. (The company owns and operates almost a quarter of its stores and franchises most of the others.) The company’s flagship brands include KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Yum! also owns A&W All-American Food Restaurants and Long John Silver’s. The company has disposed of its stake in Yan Can, a start-up Asian restaurant chain. YUM! is internationally testing a new Chinese food concept called East Dawning.”