Closure: Over n Out.

November 2, 1990

My hatred for the poor conduct and malicious decisions of your girlfriend, as well as my disappointment in your attitude, however vast, still do not outweigh my love for you.

Know that:

– I apologize for where I fell short and caused you hurt.

– I regret my failure to diffuse this sooner.

– I do not recant what I believe. I maintain that my beliefs and motivation are, and have always been, my own.

– I don’t fault her for being a liar (who isn’t?). I fault her for being evil (prone to manipulation and malice). I fault her for consuming you, effectively carving you, blind and manipulated, out of the life you knew. (Grow up, get married, move away, change friends… that’s honorable, that’s life. What’s regrettable is the way it went down and the idea that in all likelihood you will never accept the full scope of what has actually been exacted upon you.)

– Still shocked, I thought we were closer than to be ruined by frivolity.

– It’s OK to be angry with the people you love.

You will always be welcome in my life.

When the boundless “childishness” and the uncanny “bad luck” that plague and define her life follow you to Boston, know that I was still every bit your friend (as I am now) when I sat warning you that day. When you realize, realize that the first blood of each major conflict is on her hands and yours.

I pray for your sake that you’re stubborn enough to get married on 7/7/07, move straight-away into that house she admittedly told everyone she owns, and live happily ever after in ignorant bliss.