March 30, 2003


ooh ooh ! new aphex twin remix album!!! yummy! and the things about Bush along the bottom are rather funny… not particularly new.. but well done



March 20, 2003

so… should i comment on the war? um… i hope as few people die or get maimed or inconvenienced or whatever as possible in the process of our making money and safety… happen. moral? …prolly not. good for us? …lets hope so. the folks running the show are the folks that have risen to the top because they’re adept at screwing over the other guy…which we all do to whatever extent in our various means of survival…. but these guys are the all-stars… and im confident in their ability to suck the blood out of anything that bleeds… so long as no one chums poughkeepsie i dont really mind not having a say in the sharking of the globe…. will i lose sleep? yes. but because i’ll be up all night looking at porn and not worrying about the moral implications of some distant thing that will more likely benefit than kill me… right? no, seriously… RIGHT?


March 20, 2003


thats cool stuff in there… the part about mars at the end is pretty funny…. there’ll be internet ready and waiting on mars…. god i LOVE technology… and b4 we get there… u and i… we can chewck it out online….


March 3, 2003

say [there was a guy i didnt like] dying through no act of mine… but i didnt save him.. and he knew it.. and i got to look in his eyes while he drowned or burned or bled or whatever… that’d be the new highlight of my life


March 3, 2003

its kinda cool having an asshole for a [guy i don’t like]…

when he’s old and bites it, i can laugh at his funeral since i’ll be the only one there.

u can come too and enjoy the warm reverberation on our cheeks as my laughter bounces off the empty room….


March 3, 2003



March 3, 2003

each of today’s challenges is an opportunity for me to prove my growth

you fuckers