April 27, 2003

nice work



April 25, 2003

Guerrilla News Network: S-11 Redux

thx timh (http://versificator.blogspot.com)


April 25, 2003

“Ladder Onions”

There’s a gleeful child in my chest,
skipping, smiling,
proud of some distant destination
down the tracks falling
with, fully in love,
the train.


April 24, 2003

this isnt related to the ant tihng i just anted to change my away message thing but ti really liked this…..

meditate on this:

(to be read slowly as if by Peter Steele (Type O Negetive) or Bela Lugosi (seductive vampire))

You take…

…the good

You take…

…the bad

You mix them up


there You have

The Facts of Life


When the world never seems

…To be living…

Up to your


then You finally figure out

that “Facts of Life”

is all about


(Vincent Price laugh like the end of Thriller)


April 24, 2003

My art facts may be scewed…

when you see an ant… it’s probably a scout. now, i dont know how ants get the jobs that have or if they have em there whole life, but this scout’s job, his responsibilty to his community, is to only survive if its safe where he’s been. where’s he been? looking for food. leaving a stinky trail… thinking about the queen ant… her wings… her size… the center of his city and the world for most. the scout’s world is a little bit bigger, sorta amorphus…

at first i didnt like killing ants.. well no at first i loved it… then i got older and i felt bad. i wondered… are they individuals… do they think? does he know he’s leaving that stinky trail of pheromones for his buddies? does he know he’s not making a straight line? whats he smell?

does he know why im here?

i do. im here for a sandwich. and this counter is not safe for ants.


he’s done his job. his trail ends there. the others will smell his death and learn. i havnt killed an artist. i’ve saved an ant community…. from myself, sure, but still…. he was a brave warrior poet that ant…. an artist and a rebel on the frontier that is this kitchen. his world needed him to be born to die by my hand. i fulfilled his little ant destiny and solidified his identity. genetically? socially? psychologically? culturally? ….thrown into a mortal commitment he’d never reap nor understand…

god bless you antihero, and may all our lives be so beautifully full of meaning.


April 23, 2003

TXT My Webpage Setup http://www.vtext.com/users/LUCIDFLUID


April 20, 2003

i was in Canada. I believe Sean M was with me among others… i think Veronie was there. (often in my dreams there these dual personalities so watch for that….oh look here comes one now) Jason was James (“looked” like j but “was” james) and they were with us too. Canada looked like a very narrow forest. Sean had to go to class at 36 o’clock and it was approaching that so he left. we decided to hit the strip and get some food (who’s we? i dunno…) there were all these old buildings like in Quebec and we had some disagreement about which had the best cuisine. Jason/James was upset that the place we picked wasnt his choice. i told him it had literally anything you could wanna eat in there.. .like china buffet or that place my gma liked in queens… “even ham… everything” i told him. as we were eating.. now this is weird… we were at a long table and most of the chair were empty exceot for mine and one or two other people although the feeling was one of a full crew. i felt like we was rollin 20 deep and that’s how we acted but i could only SEE 2 other people… so i think the rest were phantoms or invisable or something. i was in mid-sentance about something with the word fuck in it as the eatery became suddenly silent. an old waiter/host came over and told me what i had just realized: the place was to be still and silent for the next hour as was the custom among their …religion? in Canada. i threw a fit out of shame and defered blame. i threw objects tore up Entertainment Book-type things not belonging to me and stormed out. soon we found a curious lil clothing store on the corner around dusk. i noticed a sticker like those on Stewart’s Shoppes that say “no soliciting” only it said “there’s nothing wrong with a job in porn” or something shorter than that and pro porn. intruiged, i went inside. it had the look of a women’s clothing store only behind counter was this ever growing (literally as i stood there it grew) collection of sexual items… porn, toys, animated picture frames, lube, u name it. i decided i would be in need of some sort of release from all the stress at the buffet and asked to see a few of the fake vaginas to compare which would be the best value. the clerk got on his phone as he handed me a few vaginas and began to speak to his friend as if they’d been expecting me and that’s “the plans were in motion”. James/Jason (looking like james now) came to the counter to help me pick. i wanted to make sure that the one i bought would be upgradable in case i wanted to afix it to a full sized doll… i contemplate how seriously i could take myself if i bought a mechanical woman and how that might impact my self-esteem. i decided it would be a waste of money to purchase the whole doll at this time and became annoyed that the salesman wouldnt help me pick. that’s all i remember that can be articulated.