July 19, 2003

Quickly I’d just like to say that I was listening to Joyce Meyer the other day and she had some things to say regaurding prayer and not knowing what to do. Her suggestion for those not in theknow was to do the simplest thing and just be in a room with God. Just find a quiet moment and say, “Here I am God! I dunno what I’m doing but here I am…” For a while I thought I knew more or less what I was doing in prayer at least a little. I tried that… just to get a fresh start and see. Well, I saw…

It’s quick, it’s free, it’s infinite, and it’s real. The hardest part is really believing. But that’s all you have to do, for even if it’s just a second… an instant… and look for the change… Gregory Dickow once preached that the real way to use the Lord’s name in vain was to pray for something and not expect the best possible results.

It’s not about saying the words or thinking the right words or wanting it really bad… it’s about really believing beyond doubt and cynicism. Faith by definition is belief in that which cannot be proven.. the unseen.. that’s the point.

This ended up much preachier than I would have liked, but the original point was that I just wanted this to be my testimony for anyone looking for one that prayer works. I don’t want to disrespect, convert, or talk down to anyone. I just want to say simply that I PRAYED AND I FELT REALLY GOOD. That’s all. Thx :)