Hit Song Science – WTF?!

June 19, 2005

Hit Song Science – Home: “Is your song a potential hit?
Welcome to Hit Song Science, Polyphonic HMI’s website for unsigned artists and producers. Here you can have your music tested for hit potential based on the mathematical characteristics of the music. The music industry has historically used two criteria to determine if a song should be released for single promotion:
1. Does it sound like a hit song?
2. Can we promote it effectively?
Using those two criteria and research tools such as focus groups and call-out research the industry has about a 20% success rate. That is, only one in five songs that get promoted ever chart. By adding a third criteria to the mix…
3. Does it have optimal mathematical patterns?
…we’ve achieved a 100% success rate with our label and producer customers of our professional service.
The service offered on this site can help you determine if your music has some of the patterns needed to become a hit song and you can use our reports to gain the attention of A&R professionals.”


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