Re: [Miami_Bass_History] VH1, PappaWheelie, and your pitch

June 21, 2005

Just a quick thought… are you folks up on videoblogging (aka vlogging)? It’s blowing up and would be an easy opportunity for a semi self producing documentary. If you’ve got any sort of digital camera (cellular, still, dv pro, whatever) and the patience to discover software that’s already on your XP or OSX computer you can participate. Many of the intersting experiences and insights that are shared here could be made into the simplest of even minute-long clips and shared online for free… if every member of this group made even one such video/vlog the documentary would virtually make itself and be available online. Wanna blow up niche awareness? Blow this thing up P2P… get folks making video of themselves and compile n distro it via bittorrent or rss feed… applied vlogging… hot wetness

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On 6/21/05, john doe wrote:

How did you bring the 808 out of Miami into other markets?

>What’s up!
>Sorry I have not been more in touch Ö Got to make that
>money here in New York to take care of home first.
>So umm what’s going on? Someone pitching a project to
>You know I think I can have the big head for being the
>infamous .. for bringing the Bass “The 808” out of
>Miami into other markets Ö before Bass caught on to
>radio in other markets “Miami Teen Express”Ö
>But that’s not the point of my email Ö nobody can
>produce a documentary or docudrama without
>interweaving the gritty Miami underground that largely
>in part fueled Miami Bass! “And you know what I’m
>talking about”.
>Anybody who is from the ol’ Skool of Bass! Ö. Would
>laugh at a sugar coated version of the history of the
>Miami Bass Ö
>In closing Ö I have been out of the media “Television
>production” for over the last few years .. Actually
>that’s not true Ö because here in New York I host a
>local television program .. just to keep my skills
>sharp .. because I have had a few offers Ö.
>Ironically I have been talking to the producer of the
>television program I host Ö and we have been talking
>and developing ideas too produce a underground
>documentary of the Miami Bass ÖÖ And not know sugar
>coated shit! Da Real!
>”SO I feel Ya” Ö. VH-1 is not the place Ö for docu on
>the history of Bass! More like HBO after midnight Ö or
>11:00 on a Saturday Ö where the truth can be told..
>About how A sound and a tempo that originated from the
>Caribbean grew out of the streets of Miami and has
>affected the whole Hip Hop planet.
>Yeah Joe you are the keeper of the history Ö and out
>of respect I would like to get your perspective on
>Miami Bass Ö. And compare our historical notes Ö I bet
>the both us would shocked and some of the missing
>pieces to the puzzle of BASS!
>Jay “Jason” Ö Mr. BET back in the daze!
>— PappaWheelie
> > You know…rumors must be addressed, even if it is
> > in abstract.
> >
> > 1.) If you are making, or are involved in making, a
> > documentary
> > regarding Dirty South or Electro, or specifically,
> > Miami Bass, I
> > will take it as a great insult if you don’t include
> > me in the
> > creative process (even if it’s only as a consultant
> > on the narrative
> > aspects). Yeah, my head is big like that…so don’t
> > come to me
> > anymore asking for names and numbers of artists.
> >
> > 2.) Don’t even THINK about somehow trying to use me
> > to get VH1
> > behind it. Have you watched VH1 for more than 30
> > minutes in the past
> > 8 years? VH1 is NOT the music history channel
> > anymore. Those music
> > list shows died once generation Y took over as the
> > economic force.
> > In other words, VH1 airs shows like ‘top 100 sexy
> > bodies under the
> > age of 25’ or ‘how much super-star celebs pay for
> > their pet’s
> > clothing’. Do any of these shows sound like ‘The
> > history of Miami
> > Bass/Dirty South/Electro’?! VH1 changed their format
> > when you
> > weren’t paying attention, and I am not in the
> > business of
> > developing/pitching shows. I research for one
> > specific show. People
> > in this office don’t like me anyway, so they’re not
> > going to buy a
> > show idea from me.
> >
> > But moreover, if I’m supposedly an expert on the
> > subject of Miami
> > urban music, and you refuse to include me in the
> > creative process,
> > how arrogant must you be to think I’ma pitch you
> > show to VH1 after
> > you exclude me from making it? Even if I DID have
> > the power to get a
> > green light for you…you refuse to include me in
> > the making of it.
> > Ridiculous.
> >
> > Any documentaries on Miami Bass will be absolute
> > shit if I’m not at
> > least consulted.
> >
> > Let me repeat that…
> >
> > Any documentaries on Miami Bass will be absolute
> > shit if I’m not at
> > least consulted.
> >
> > Yes, as big of a statement as that is, I believe it
> > deeply.
> >
> > And your movie will make no money either way (even
> > if I am
> > involved). Our music is currently a niche. Niches
> > make little to no
> > money. Fact.
> >
> > Instead, what I’m doing is trying to gain interest
> > outside of the
> > niche first. It’s working.
> >
> > Then write the books/make the movies. It’ll mean
> > more in the
> > longrun, and earn more money at the time.
> >
> > Facts of life, facts of business, and human
> > interaction 101.
> >
> > Take notes.
> >
> > Joe aka PappaWheelie
> >
> >
> >

"I wan't ya'll to get ready to get on, cause I got some ol' nasty ice ship to talk tonight"

I wan't ya'll to get ready to get on, cause I got some ol' nasty ice ship to talk tonight"

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