Dream-Inspired Works at Paxton-Tanner Gallery

August 11, 2005

Hello Everyone!

http://ValleyVlog.blogspot.com explores artists and artist resources in New York’s Hudson River Valley. Whatever your medium, genre, scope, philosophy, etc… we’re a resource for you. So drop a line and we’ll cover your event, opening, program, self, project, band… whatever! If you’re interested in getting directly involved with this series, video works and partners are also welcome and encouraged.

Check out our latest video about the Paxton Tanner Gallery HERE. Next week look for our coverage of the play "Iken’s Perversion" which runs this weekend in Albany. http://ImageQuilt.com for details.

Leave feedback. Subscribe with RSS, FireANT, MyYahoo! or even iTunes. Let’s include you and your projects and spread the good word! No artist, band, venue, or event is too large or too small. Tell a friend?

And for the love of everything get into Videoblogging already! …you know… if you’re not already doing it.

Thanks for your time!

Thomas G Henry
Fax n Phone: 845.516.0005

8*19*05 / 8*28*05


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