Cat Rutgers’ Digitized Dimension

October 26, 2005

Catherine Rutgers produces colorful inkjet prints based on observations of natural phenomena in an urban environment. The source for her digital art is image capture, or high-resolution scans, of original paintings, silkscreen and photographs, or found objects including leaves, flowers and feathers. Her latest works will be on display at the Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, 12 Vassar Street, Poughkeepsie, NY until 11/20/05.

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7 Responses to “Cat Rutgers’ Digitized Dimension”

  1. Major thanks to the ValleyVlog crew!! I love this site, and of course, this video. My visitors, however, have found it tricky to post comments – so, with their permission, I’m going to add some responses to this dialogue. Let’s keep the circle going!!! Peace to all, Catherine

  2. Carol Wierzbicki, writer + editor, Says:

    Wow! I finally looked at this today and I was very impressed, both by the
    quality of the video and what you had to say about your work. I liked the
    way the artworks “twinkle” until they are completely loaded…
    Your art has gotten a new infusion of energy from digital technologies.

  3. Joyce Tolley, artist, Says:

    What a great interview! Your art is spectacular.

  4. Congratulations on the show. I watched your video and found myself tempted in trying to figure out how you created these images. When you said you have to “let it go” it kind of gives license to the viewer to separate from trying to identify the origin of the image and accept the image on it’s own terms and allow yourself to be open to a new language … what could be, rather than what it was or originated from. It’s deep and optimistic … It’s funny because it kind of comes around full circle, for me, because you’ve started, in many cases, with simple organic objects and ideas, you then use a somewhat “scientific-non-organic” approach via scanner/inkjet, etc and the end result re-introduces an aspect of nature in these brilliant colors and landscapes which, to me, reflects the mother of all nature … the heavens. A lot of these pieces are reminiscent of natural gas and light refraction phenomenon seen in space and on the surfaces of other planets and occasionally in the polar skies. It almost re-connects me to a part of nature we often separate ourselves from … the world beyond our familiar Earth. To me these brilliant electric colors and scenes are just as part of nature as the images most people associate with nature. This is my personal account only, and the cool thing about good art is that someone else will have a completely different take on it. With all the B.S. going on these days with this administration and the war and the list goes on, I find this very optimistic and refreshing … beyond the mundane. Peace Out

  5. Mona Jimenez, artist + NYU professor Says:

    WOW! what an articulate woman! loved it. and thanks for the plug, that’s the beauty of knowing you so long…things happen, we experience things together…

  6. Really cool. Great interview. I really have a better understanding of your work. How inventive.

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