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November 24, 2005

… statistically… that the rich in fact are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer in the US.

needed to settle debate between Sean n Rob….

looking for hard numbers that account for population growth and inflation…


do u disagree? have u numbers to the contrary?

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Boing Boing: MPAA, Bram Cohen announcement today in Hollywood: “Tuesday, November 22, 2005
MPAA, Bram Cohen announcement today in Hollywood
The Motion Picture Association of America released an advisory yesterday that MPAA head Dan Glickman and BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen will hold a joint press conference this afternoon at the AFI in Los Angeles.

While the MPAA provided no details in advance, Glickman and Cohen are expected to announce a deal between BitTorrent and the movie industry that transforms the filesharing service into a commercial distribution channel for movies and other forms of digital entertainment. “

hit me for his email…. didnt wanna repost it u know…

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From: Michael Sullivan <….>
Date: Nov 16, 2005 9:00 PM
Subject: [videoblogging] Call-Out for Web Designer – Needs You

Anyone crafty at web design? because i have ZERO spare time lately (barely time to work on vlogdir).

So, I need someone to create about 3-5 vlog-centric templates for users to choose from. is a blogging engine and media manager. So, the front-end can use any templates, just like etc… Only prob is, I want to have new, fresh templates that cater to videoblogging… I have a few themes partially finished, but need help desperately. I have to face the fact that a one-man team cant make it all happen…. not in my world. days are too short… or at least my concentration is ;-)

This would be volunteer work, but good for your portfolio…. and you would be contributing to the videoblogging community, which gives you warm fuzzies and shit. Seriosuly though, this is a legit project. It’s a front-end to the very respectable much the same as
There is no commercial side to this project. It is all about giving back to the community. So, if that gets ya hot, then ping me.

Any magicians out there? Please? Thanks.


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Thomas G Henry
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