start log 0001

March 22, 2006

difficult 9am rise… shower, etc
caught the bus on time… tired as all hell… felt crazy-looking… wild hair… red eyes… i didn’t wander… someone else was waiting for the same bus…

I had gone to bed after 4am the night before… stressin over java… nailed it i thought… then i didn’t… then i did…

didnt eat til 4pm… binged… PB&honey&banana sandwich, 2 hot dogs, cadbury minieggs, the rest of the banana, a brownie… couple glasses of juice…

put a baked potato in the oven

slept til 7pm

took the potato out

slept til 9… stayed in bed til 945

email and organization

1045 ramen, brownies, minieggs, koolaid… never ate that potato… had planned on another PB/banana… didn’t happen

simpson’s/seinfeld w rob over ramen

he had steak (rare-looking)
commercial debugging isn’t so painful

1145 organized assignments
1210am log

now hw til 2am

then 8am rise


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