Assembler n whatnot

March 29, 2006

Just finished test 4 of 4 for the week… I'm SO ready to be done. I'm kind of excited though. They were challenging, but I'm pretty sure I did alright. I'll be all sobs n woe in a few days once I – 

fuck this…

i don't like my blog voice at all… 

 i wish i blogged more like I chat… or email… like…. who are you? who is it that i expect to read this that I wouldn't chat with or email.. and speak to freely? 

fuck… i need more "fucks" to break this ice…

i am stressed n terrified… im glad the tests are behind me tho…

i talk a lotta shit… nothin much else to say to anyone that wouldn't be about someone else…

as u might notice on my sidebar there's a lovely assortment of music filtering into my experience as we speak… heh.. "as we speak" how do u measure THAT interval when it's no longer immediate? asynchronous communication makes "as we speak" kinda… irrelevent… i remembered something i wanted to blog about yesterday…

 it's going in it's own post… it's important.. sorta


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