Who are the “must wash hands” signs really for??

March 29, 2006

Has anyone else ever noticed the signs that say "All employees must wash hands / lavese las manos" or whatever in restaurant bathrooms?

What is the function of those signs?

Are they a reminder to employees to wash their hands?

Are they an annoucenment to guests?

Why… whywhywhy…. are they NEVER on the door… near the toilet… or anywhere a reminder should be?

They're ALWAYS on the soap… on the mirror… places where only people ALREADY WASHING THEIR HANDS are going to see them.

What these signs really say to me is: Hey… you there… the one already washing your hands… you seem to care about hygiene… just.. u kno.. fyi… our employees do too… they're clean… they're just like you… everything is fine…

that or:

good job employee… way to remember on your own the right thing to do.. that which is consistent with what is expected of everyone else that works here… way to go…

but what if I was a one time dirtbag scumbag guest and didn't wash my hands? should I always wonder and assume that the employees are all one time dirtbag scumbag(s) like me?

if it's a general announcement to the world… why not put it more prominently up in the bathroom at least… or even… outside the bathroom…. on the front door by the visa logo mayhaps? a big sticker on the faces of the employees.. how about that?

when I step into the french quarter, I'd wear it with pride… I wash my fuckin hands…

but seriously tho… they're like… faux reminder bullshit… they're there to give the impression of a reminder… that's stands a shady announcement when really it accomplishes neither… the opposite in fact… all it says is… "this only reminds people already washing their hands… you're taking a chance here… our employees… they're human… they're rushed… they're stressed… they're forgetful… and you know what? they MIGHT just be making your food with hands caked in pud slime… "

THAT's what they tell me anyway…


One Response to “Who are the “must wash hands” signs really for??”

  1. Here is a video i send out to people showing them the procedure for washing their hands http://www.healthrattle.com/cleanhands/

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