RotoTill My Father’s Soul?

March 30, 2006

follow thru and momentum are important. rolling with the punches… that sorta thing…

on a generational level…. would I have more success and efficacy in my life if I acknowledged myself as a continuation of my lineage? vs disengaging and doing it my way?

what about bad seed?

if being born to the wrong people is like a spiritual punch in the face… what's the best way to roll with that? there is a correct parry… i believe…
starting from scratch and picking up a new idea are always more costly in terms of overhead than liquidation and working with what you've got…

i think it might be important to remember where i came from… cuz nothing is 100% bad… 

it's my turn in the story arch of my family history… there are a lot of inherited influences pressing from different directions… and their not all good… or at least they dont give rise to sustainability, health, or comfort… but there IS good to be had… and that's what needs to be cultivated…

nothing is completely perfect…. and nothing is completely imperfect 

silver linings and $5 inheritence… that's FIVE WHOLE DREAMS by NY Lotto standards…
conversation? reflection? maybe some goals?  


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