August 31, 2006

infomecial evangelism… why not?

(i kno i had a similar idea once… was this is?)

but yeah… say… a cheese grater… for forgiveness

i can rub a cheese grater against my face the wrong way… and be fine… i could rub it the other way.. and grate the skin off my face…

forgiveness is like this…

when u look back over time to the actions of people in your life… you see things through the filter of the causal chain AFTER the deeds…

if u look with timeless objectivity… from BEFORE the deeds… and give… freely.. what was taken… you Fore-Give… and claim that the deeds were ok… because.. it was not theft… but a thing freely given…

that’s forgiveness

you have to look at things from the right direction… or you’ll get your face cut

buy this cheese grater for a friend.. it’ll remind them of Jesus…


so why not a whole series of things like this?

all sorts of late night ron popeel products… with lil sermons in em…

“ur gonna fill ur home with crap anyway.. .why not let that crap remind you of the teachings of the lord??”

reality show:
different religions.. or just Christian denominations live together and try to evangelize each other…

how about

product placement in evangelical ads?

“david… drink Gatorade… and pray… no fear”

“daily word brought to you by coke”

these are vehicles… is that bad?

if it is bad…

is that bad??

i feel like… sometimes the most evil stuff.. and the most holy stuff… are the same…

what could be more evil than to scourge and crucify the son of god?

he seemed like a nice guy…

that’s evil as hell…

but what a holy occasion…

im serious

(this has not been proofread for sense or grammar…)


new plugin

August 31, 2006

but will i blog more??

because i am an idiot… ridiculous bullshit befalls me and i exacerbate it with my knack for ruin…

what should have been a simple poop… became a flood… involving two floors… a couch… a computer… mopping.. laundry…  cursing… and this entry


what a way to spend ur day off

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