is there a problem that this solves? what inspired this?

here’s info for the Mayor’s office:
Office Hours and Location
City Hall — 3rd Floor
Monday through Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Contact Info:
Mayor Nancy Cozean

The Common Council is the deciding body before this goes to the state.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

City splits over peace officer plan

Fire inspector, animal warden may get powers

City of Poughkeepsie Councilwoman Gwen Johnson is worried that designating fire inspectors and the animal warden as peace officers could infringe on residents’ constitutional rights through warrantless searches and arrests.

City officials countered that would not be the case and defended the proposal.

The designation would give the inspectors and officers certain powers, for example conducting warrantless searches at fire scenes or homes where animals are being confiscated. The powers would only kick in during the performance of their official duties.

Peace officers can also make arrests and detain people when they deem it necessary during an investigation. Officials stressed the city’s peace officers would not be armed.

“I just don’t see the need for this,” said Johnson, D-7th Ward, of the proposal before the Common Council. “I think they’re doing a good job with the powers they have right now.”

Effect downplayed

Fire Chief Kenneth Boyd told the council Tuesday night at city hall that inspectors do investigative work at fire scenes. He said giving inspectors peace-officer status does not mean they would patrol streets and make arrests, and that police would still work on suspicious fire investigations.

“There seems to be a significant amount of misinformation,” Boyd said after hearing resident concerns. “This is certainly not a return to the Wild West or the Dark Ages. … They will not be police officers. They will not be performing a police function.”

Officials said peace-officer status would not apply to firefighters, only fire inspectors. Boyd said fire inspectors are peace officers in Rochester, Buffalo, Utica and Syracuse.

Poughkeepsie Corporation Counsel Stephen Wing said residents should not be concerned that peace officers have too much power.

“A fire inspector cannot just traipse down Main Street and start arresting people,” Wing said. “This is not a broad-based thing where they go out and arrest people willy-nilly.”

Wing said peace officers would be allowed to serve appearance tickets on alleged violators and handle criminal complaints in court. The measure would also allow peace officers to interview suspects at a scene and compel them to read suspects their Miranda rights.

But several residents who spoke Tuesday night said they were concerned about the “We have police in our community to do what they need to do,” said Mae Parker-Harris, who worried that authorities might target the city’s predominantly minority north side.

Resident Eunice Johnson said the prospect of peace officers entering homes would be “against our constitutional rights,” and that police already serve and protect the public.

“We don’t need others interfering with what they’re doing,” said Johnson, who is not related to the councilwoman.

The council took no action in the proposal, instead referring it to the Public Safety Committee for review.

If the council passes the measure, it would still need to be approved by the state Legislature as part of a home-rule request.

Thomas G Henry’s Somewhat Ridiculous B’day Party

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The Townhouse

Hosted By:
Thomas G Henry

Saturday Jul 08, 2006
at 8:00 PM

msg me for directions
poughkeepsie, NY 12601
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a keg… a salad bar… a kissing booth… … …and I will abso-fucking-lutely cry if I want to.
Your RSVP:


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Hiya!!I turn “the big two five” on Saturday and I want you to come and be drunk in my home with me.There will be no door prizes.
There may or may not be a salad bar.
There may or may not be a keg.

Do NOT bring me gifts… I have “a thing” about gifts. I will burn them without hesitation still in their wrapping… (unless it’s a living, unharmed fire fly)

There will however be a “Kissing Booth”.

I will be charging $1/minute of making out with……… Me.

Why? Because it’s that kinda “somewhat ridiculous birthday party”. If you’ve ever been curious about the leathery chops on this grimey mug… this will be your opportunity to “make all your wildest dreams come true.”

Making out with with me for a minute at a time is fun, safe, and you might just learn something*.

Persons in relationships must show proof of permission from their significant others. This can be a signed permission slip from him/her or a waiver from you that he/she will not know, and or care, and or try to “get” me, and or wreck my stuff as a result of your actions in, around, or pertaining to the kissing booth.

I may or may not donate every dollar to something meaningful.

I will also accept living, unharmed fireflies as currency.

Proof of a complete recent negative STD test enters you into the orgy raffle. KIDDING……………………………………………………………………………………

But I spose if u wanna pay each other a dollar to make out without me that’s fine too. Maybe if a significant amount of money gets raised I’ll actually donate it to something… suggestions?

Usual Townhouse rules apply… call or write for directions (845.22.88.555,, )… smoking out back… quiet out front… park in guest spaces only… BYOB encouraged but not mandated… nudity mandated but not encouraged… crashing is welcome but you may or may not wake up being spooned by me or Rob, or you may or may not have to share a futon with 17 children… dont drive drunk.. u may or may not get all burned up like that chick in the bulliten…

I hope my vanity is equal parts digusting and fun. I am actually very fragile and lonely. I’m scared no one will come to my birthday party. I’m scared that no one will ever kiss me again… because it’s so expensive… cuz of the gas prices.

MOST IMPORTANTLY (even more important than not drunk driving) PLEASE WEAR A FESTIVE HAT%%%%%%

*(You may or may not actually learn anything.)

(ripped from an email from fred nagel) 

"Who cares if Iraq is a mess? The oil companies and defense
contractors certainly don't. Although Iraq has a been a nightmare for
those serving in the army of occupation, oil and defense company
profits are through the roof.

Oil was at $18 a barrel when Bush took office. It is now close to
$70. Exxon Mobil, the biggest lifetime donor to the Bush campaigns,
has seen its oil reserve values go up by $1 trillion. Defense
contractors like Halliburton, the Vice President's company, have
raked in similar windfalls.

Win or lose, war is good. So good, in fact, that the only thing that
could stop the billions in profits is to have the war end. Luckily
for these giant corporations, the middle class is so apathetic about
the killing in Iraq (poor people's kids after all), that they haven't
really put up much of a fuss. Here in Rhinebeck, the citizens got
outraged last year, but that was against a dog leash law proposed for
public spaces.

Middle class Americans may eventually get worked up about gas prices
or the fact that their kids can't afford college or health care.
Maybe they will travel outside the US one day and realize how their
country is despised. But until that happens, let the good times roll.

And the leash law? In a tumultuous town board meeting attended by
over 100 people, the leash law was overturned. Perhaps a doggie draft
could end the war.


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Of special interest this coming month:

                      ———-Media Alert for June 30———-

"Sounding the Alarm for Freedom: Media Responsibility in Time of War"

Panel Discussion featuring:

Congressman Maurice Hinchey: leader in media reform legislation
Amy Goodman: award winning investigative journalist for "Democracy Now"
Jeff Cohen: founder of FAIR, panelist on "News Watch" (Fox) and
"Crossfire" (CNN)
Danny Schechter: media critic and filmmaker ("Weapons of Mass Deception")

Panel will be hosted by Dr. Alan Chartock, President and CEO of WAMC.
The Program will be broadcast by member stations of WAMC/NPR.

The Panel will be held on Friday, June 30 at SUNY Ulster in
Stoneridge, starting at 7:30 pm. Cost is $5.00 per person (students

What could be more fitting than Independence Day weekend to discuss
the role of the media in keeping us free? Hear what leading media
critics have to say about reforming the process of collecting and
disseminating news in time of war.

In describing the British empire, Rudyard Kipling wrote, "The first
victim of war is truth." Is our great nation destined to sacrifice
truth in the same way? And without truth in our media, can our nation
remain truly free"?

Time to show a little patriotism on Independence Day Weekend by
coming to this important panel hosted by Northeast Citizens for
Responsible Media.

Following Friday's panel, there will be a sneak preview screening of
Danny Schechter's newest film: "In Debt We Trust." The film will be
shown on Sunday, July 2 at the Rosendale Theatre starting at 5:00 pm.

(845) 876 7535

                      ———-Media Alert for July 2———-

"In Debt We Trust"

Preview showing of new film with a special appearance by the
filmmaker himself, Danny Schechter

Danny Schechter has directed numerous other important and critically
acclaimed films on the American political system including "Weapons
of Mass Deception" and "When Media Lies." Not afraid of controversial
subjects, Schechter has made a career out of exposing the
misrepresentations and outright lies that are the invariably results
of a highly consolidated, corporate controlled media. In addition, he
is the executive editor of the, the largest online
media issues network.

The Film will be shown on Sunday, July 2 at the Rosendale Theater in
Rosendale staring at 5:00 pm. Danny Schechter will be available after
the film showing to discuss his media projects and to answer

What could be more fitting than Independence Day weekend to discuss
the role of the media in keeping us free? Time to show a little
patriotism by coming to this important movie hosted by Northeast
Citizens for Responsible Media.

The movie will be part of an important Independence Day weekend
devoted to the media in time of war. Friday's panel (June 30) at SUNY
Ulster will feature Congressman Maurice Hinchey, Amy Goodman, Jeff
Cohen, and Danny Schechter. The panel entitled "Sounding the Alarm
for Freedom: Media Responsibility in Time of War," will be moderated
by Dr. Alan Charock and broadcast on WAMC.

(845) 876 7535


Fred Nagel

Dutchess Greens

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"The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice."   MLK


Beacon is Tree City USA again
"The City of Beacon has been named a Tree City USA again this year by the National Arbor Day Foundation to honor its commitment to its community forest. It is the 11 th year Beacon has received this national recognition."

seriously… all these year i was literally disgusted with towns for being so damn unimaginative with their discriptions… i was like.. "these places are everywhere!"

i am sorry towns…. and congratulations 

County clerk restores over 100 year old hand written records

"The Dutchess County Clerk’s Office began official preservation of historical documents this past April, and showed off their first set of restored and preserved libers Thursday at their offices in the City of Poughkeepsie.

Deed Liber Volume 288, a two-book set, was successfully preserved in the past month by Brown’s River Record Preservation Services in Vermont. The libers cover the years 1894-1897."

and the digitization?? 

Rinaldi Blvd. upgrades to cost $4 million

The Poughkeepsie Common Council was briefed Monday night as to what improvements would be made under a proposal to upgrade and redevelop Rinaldi Boulevard along the city’s waterfront.

The $4 million price tag will have to be bonded, providing the city common council approves the concept in the future, said council Chairman Brian Doyle.

“And that’s what’s to be considered; the extent to which these improvements would boost business and boost those types of revenues as an offset to whatever expenses might be associated with the project,” he said.

Among the proposed upgrades are new lighting, parking and median landscaping.

oh and

March 23, 2006

maria miscione got engaged over the weekend! congrats my dear!!