May 24, 2006

COL315                   Prospect/Applicant Report(Sum)          VERS. 01/29/01
05/24/2006 15:39           Dutchess Community College                 PAGE    1

Thomas G. Henry

C L A S S   S C H E D U L E
 INDEX         T I T L E                   START     END     ADDED  MID  FINAL
B601 Spring 2006
2436           DISCRETE MATHEMATICS       01/17/06 05/15/06 10/23/05 D    C
00 MAT214      01.0  MWF      01:00PM-01:50PM   W   134   Staats        3.00
2438           ANLYTC GEOM & CALC I       01/17/06 05/15/06 10/23/05 A    B-
00 MAT221      01.0  MWF      08:00AM-08:50AM   W   136   Halsey        4.00
 01/17/06 05/15/06   T        08:00AM-08:50AM   W   240   Halsey
1725           ASSEMBLER LANGUAGE PROGRM  01/17/06 05/15/06 10/23/05 F    B+
00 CIS227      01.0  MWF      10:00AM-10:50AM   C   208F  Marsh         3.00
1817           ADV PROGRAMMING TECHNQS (  01/17/06 05/15/06 10/25/05 B-   A
00 CPS142      01.0  TX       11:00AM-12:15PM   W   136   Staats        3.00
                                                          HRS ENROLLED 13.00

D R O P P E D   C O U R S E S
   COURSE           TITLE                       STATUS    ADDED    DROPPED
B601 Spring 2006
1403            GENERAL BIOLOGY I                 D     10/23/05  03/07/06

what's that song? anyone?

anyway… 4 more things to go….

not counting tomorrow's final…. cuz it's upon me… the studying is thru…

calc finals mon-wed

discrete math research paper (GAH YECK FUCK ACKKKKK GRRRRR YICH OHHHH FUCK again)

final discrete homework…………………..

and finalize my uno game in java… with gui

none too bad….

altho the research paper still has about 25 hours of work remaining to be done on it…

still… not bad… maybe about 4 hours for each of the other things… +/- 37 solid hours of homework between me and getting very very drunk 

wow…. “effort”

May 2, 2006


im guessing it's stress… which will be over soon… but this is kinda ridiculous…

Assembler n whatnot

March 29, 2006

Just finished test 4 of 4 for the week… I'm SO ready to be done. I'm kind of excited though. They were challenging, but I'm pretty sure I did alright. I'll be all sobs n woe in a few days once I – 

fuck this…

i don't like my blog voice at all… 

 i wish i blogged more like I chat… or email… like…. who are you? who is it that i expect to read this that I wouldn't chat with or email.. and speak to freely? 

fuck… i need more "fucks" to break this ice…

i am stressed n terrified… im glad the tests are behind me tho…

i talk a lotta shit… nothin much else to say to anyone that wouldn't be about someone else…

as u might notice on my sidebar there's a lovely assortment of music filtering into my experience as we speak… heh.. "as we speak" how do u measure THAT interval when it's no longer immediate? asynchronous communication makes "as we speak" kinda… irrelevent… i remembered something i wanted to blog about yesterday…

 it's going in it's own post… it's important.. sorta