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"Who cares if Iraq is a mess? The oil companies and defense
contractors certainly don't. Although Iraq has a been a nightmare for
those serving in the army of occupation, oil and defense company
profits are through the roof.

Oil was at $18 a barrel when Bush took office. It is now close to
$70. Exxon Mobil, the biggest lifetime donor to the Bush campaigns,
has seen its oil reserve values go up by $1 trillion. Defense
contractors like Halliburton, the Vice President's company, have
raked in similar windfalls.

Win or lose, war is good. So good, in fact, that the only thing that
could stop the billions in profits is to have the war end. Luckily
for these giant corporations, the middle class is so apathetic about
the killing in Iraq (poor people's kids after all), that they haven't
really put up much of a fuss. Here in Rhinebeck, the citizens got
outraged last year, but that was against a dog leash law proposed for
public spaces.

Middle class Americans may eventually get worked up about gas prices
or the fact that their kids can't afford college or health care.
Maybe they will travel outside the US one day and realize how their
country is despised. But until that happens, let the good times roll.

And the leash law? In a tumultuous town board meeting attended by
over 100 people, the leash law was overturned. Perhaps a doggie draft
could end the war.


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Of special interest this coming month:

                      ———-Media Alert for June 30———-

"Sounding the Alarm for Freedom: Media Responsibility in Time of War"

Panel Discussion featuring:

Congressman Maurice Hinchey: leader in media reform legislation
Amy Goodman: award winning investigative journalist for "Democracy Now"
Jeff Cohen: founder of FAIR, panelist on "News Watch" (Fox) and
"Crossfire" (CNN)
Danny Schechter: media critic and filmmaker ("Weapons of Mass Deception")

Panel will be hosted by Dr. Alan Chartock, President and CEO of WAMC.
The Program will be broadcast by member stations of WAMC/NPR.

The Panel will be held on Friday, June 30 at SUNY Ulster in
Stoneridge, starting at 7:30 pm. Cost is $5.00 per person (students

What could be more fitting than Independence Day weekend to discuss
the role of the media in keeping us free? Hear what leading media
critics have to say about reforming the process of collecting and
disseminating news in time of war.

In describing the British empire, Rudyard Kipling wrote, "The first
victim of war is truth." Is our great nation destined to sacrifice
truth in the same way? And without truth in our media, can our nation
remain truly free"?

Time to show a little patriotism on Independence Day Weekend by
coming to this important panel hosted by Northeast Citizens for
Responsible Media.

Following Friday's panel, there will be a sneak preview screening of
Danny Schechter's newest film: "In Debt We Trust." The film will be
shown on Sunday, July 2 at the Rosendale Theatre starting at 5:00 pm.

(845) 876 7535

                      ———-Media Alert for July 2———-

"In Debt We Trust"

Preview showing of new film with a special appearance by the
filmmaker himself, Danny Schechter

Danny Schechter has directed numerous other important and critically
acclaimed films on the American political system including "Weapons
of Mass Deception" and "When Media Lies." Not afraid of controversial
subjects, Schechter has made a career out of exposing the
misrepresentations and outright lies that are the invariably results
of a highly consolidated, corporate controlled media. In addition, he
is the executive editor of the MediaChannel.org, the largest online
media issues network.

The Film will be shown on Sunday, July 2 at the Rosendale Theater in
Rosendale staring at 5:00 pm. Danny Schechter will be available after
the film showing to discuss his media projects and to answer

What could be more fitting than Independence Day weekend to discuss
the role of the media in keeping us free? Time to show a little
patriotism by coming to this important movie hosted by Northeast
Citizens for Responsible Media.

The movie will be part of an important Independence Day weekend
devoted to the media in time of war. Friday's panel (June 30) at SUNY
Ulster will feature Congressman Maurice Hinchey, Amy Goodman, Jeff
Cohen, and Danny Schechter. The panel entitled "Sounding the Alarm
for Freedom: Media Responsibility in Time of War," will be moderated
by Dr. Alan Charock and broadcast on WAMC.

(845) 876 7535


Fred Nagel

Dutchess Greens

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oh and

March 23, 2006

maria miscione got engaged over the weekend! congrats my dear!!

Quote from Maureen

December 10, 2005

in the diner she said something to effect of: Remembering things… is so yesterday.

To which I replied something like… THAT’s an awesome quote… too bad I wont remmeber it…

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hit me for his email…. didnt wanna repost it u know…

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Michael Sullivan <….>
Date: Nov 16, 2005 9:00 PM
Subject: [videoblogging] Call-Out for Web Designer – videobloggers.org Needs You
To: videoblogging@yahoogroups.com

Anyone crafty at web design? because i have ZERO spare time lately (barely time to work on vlogdir).

So, I need someone to create about 3-5 vlog-centric templates for users to choose from.
videobloggers.org is a blogging engine and media manager. So, the front-end can use any templates, just like blogger.com etc… Only prob is, I want to have new, fresh templates that cater to videoblogging… I have a few themes partially finished, but need help desperately. I have to face the fact that a one-man team cant make it all happen…. not in my world. days are too short… or at least my concentration is ;-)

This would be volunteer work, but good for your portfolio…. and you would be contributing to the videoblogging community, which gives you warm fuzzies and shit. Seriosuly though, this is a legit project. It’s a front-end to the very respectable ibiblio.org much the same as ourmedia.org/archive.org.
There is no commercial side to this project. It is all about giving back to the community. So, if that gets ya hot, then ping me.

Any magicians out there? Please? Thanks.


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Individual Fireant Use


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Catherine Rutgers produces colorful inkjet prints based on observations of natural phenomena in an urban environment. The source for her digital art is image capture, or high-resolution scans, of original paintings, silkscreen and photographs, or found objects including leaves, flowers and feathers. Her latest works will be on display at the Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, 12 Vassar Street, Poughkeepsie, NY until 11/20/05.

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Underground maestros, Rising Up/Rising Down, are hard like labor but bop like blitzkrieg. They’re approachable and vast. You could have fallen from the sky knowing nothing and still lash out to the new sound. Or you could pontificate the arpeggiated textures. They’ve covered all the bases and synergized all the layers into a transcendent experience that’s more real than terror and more fun than violence.

They’re scathing politics for your convulsing pleasure. They’re a beacon in the flames with a sound like iridescent brutality.

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Hello Everyone!

Thanks for checking out Valley Vlog! For our first post here Vanessa Lucas and Thomas G Henry set out to discover what new and exciting thing the Dutchess County Arts Council has to offer local artists. There’s quite a few free resources and great programs so listen up and get ready to take your creations to the next level whatever your medium.

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There are also two free weekly mailing lists (one on Artist Resources and one about Current Arts Events.) Please Email Loretta Spence to subscribe.

To volunteer, to take advantage of any of these great resources, or for more information please call


or visit ArtsMidHudson.org.

Thx for watching folks! And thx to Loretta Spence and the Dutchess County Arts Council for taking the time to chat, existing, and being all around awesome!