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follow thru and momentum are important. rolling with the punches… that sorta thing…

on a generational level…. would I have more success and efficacy in my life if I acknowledged myself as a continuation of my lineage? vs disengaging and doing it my way?

what about bad seed?

if being born to the wrong people is like a spiritual punch in the face… what's the best way to roll with that? there is a correct parry… i believe…
starting from scratch and picking up a new idea are always more costly in terms of overhead than liquidation and working with what you've got…

i think it might be important to remember where i came from… cuz nothing is 100% bad… 

it's my turn in the story arch of my family history… there are a lot of inherited influences pressing from different directions… and their not all good… or at least they dont give rise to sustainability, health, or comfort… but there IS good to be had… and that's what needs to be cultivated…

nothing is completely perfect…. and nothing is completely imperfect 

silver linings and $5 inheritence… that's FIVE WHOLE DREAMS by NY Lotto standards…
conversation? reflection? maybe some goals?  

Underground maestros, Rising Up/Rising Down, are hard like labor but bop like blitzkrieg. They’re approachable and vast. You could have fallen from the sky knowing nothing and still lash out to the new sound. Or you could pontificate the arpeggiated textures. They’ve covered all the bases and synergized all the layers into a transcendent experience that’s more real than terror and more fun than violence.

They’re scathing politics for your convulsing pleasure. They’re a beacon in the flames with a sound like iridescent brutality.

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This time around we visit John Paxton, the owner and curator of the Paxton-Tanner Gallery in Poughkeepsie. This in-home style gallery houses the hundreds upon hundreds of works including poetry, drawings, sculptures, and paintings of every medium done by the late Vivian Gaines Tanner.

Most if not all of this collection was based on dreams and intuition. In my opinion, many of the pieces have a surreal quality that’s simultaneously profound and approachable. Like dreams, they’re equal parts beautiful, disturbing, simple, and complex.

Their style, subtlty, and composition are worthy of the acclaim and attention they’ve amassed over the last several decades, while their initially simple beauty makes them truely inviting works. Many of them still have yet to be displayed publically.

Look closely folks… these are not just pretty pictures, they’re pieces of our collective mind.

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To host these pieces, volunteer at the Paxton-Tanner Gallery, or to just come and explore this wonderful world call, write, or click:

John Paxton

845.452.0965 (Fax 845.452.6933)

Paxton-Turner Gallery
46 Bennett Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601