myDeathSpace in the NYT

November 5, 2006

In Online Mourning, Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead – New York Times

Mike Patterson, founder of, which every day features the profile pages of about 25 MySpace members who have died, said so many people had been writing nasty things that he removed the comment function from the site in June. Mr. Patterson restored it two months later, after adding software that flags keywords and requiring users to register if they want to post comments.

Still, problems arise.

Pamela Tay said she felt ill when she discovered a discussion on MyDeathSpace about her 18-year-old daughter, Kelli Laine, who was killed by a drunken driver in 2001.

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because i am an idiot… ridiculous bullshit befalls me and i exacerbate it with my knack for ruin…

what should have been a simple poop… became a flood… involving two floors… a couch… a computer… mopping.. laundry…  cursing… and this entry


what a way to spend ur day off

i dreamt i got LH and CE pregnant a few weeks apart from each other… CE’s name was “cheryl” tho… and she looked like meg ryan sometimes…

i found this out at some candle-lit event… like… a cocktail hour with a power outage… everyone was standing.. idle… social.. familiar.. LH wore glasses.. everyone was so professional… she told me she couldn’t “do anything” until we did… meaning somehow that my child with CH would effect her planning her child… I didn’t understand… then CE explained to me that she was pregnant too…
(asynchronous) i had to get my car from the junk yard in the woods… there was an anchor woman there.. she was aging… she needed a ride… the black yard attendant was leisurely arguing with her and told me not to help her.. she had to learn a lesson… i made like i was going to give her a ride… i wasnt certain i wouldnt yet… and said i wasnt even sure if my car would start after so long… i got in.. and locked it up.. she tried to get in.. it was already running.. i took off… i felt like i had done the right thing because she was his woman/his to deal with/his customer… and he knew what he was doing… altho i felt a little guilty…. but i didnt kno either of them and thought it best not to involve myself.. maybe she WAS trying to scam someone… any judgement wasn’t my call to make..

at home i was back in time… i had the opportunity to not get “cheryl” pregnant… we were newly weds of some sort… our home was fairly grand (spacious.. nice molding.. metropolitan.. historic) and barren… i was an inventor or something.. .i knew that i had a short amount of time to bring my inventions to fruition before the ladies would have my babies… “9 months” i thought…. “no… 6… no… 3 months… I have 3 months to establish myself and get to the point of living my dream career as an inventor and being able to afford all these kids” i took xmas lights out of a box and they were connected to/in a network.. and i strung them around the room… partially on the tree… and mostly on the computer… the display wasn’t a display… it was part of my creation.. but as a display it looked like weakness… there was no symmetry… everything was slight and saggy… it looked careless and ignorant..

she criticized me for putting up xmas lights in september… i told her… xmas IS coming…. trying to hide the absurdity.. knowing she wouldn’t understand the invention.. and knowing that i would never bring it to fruition in time to afford all my kids… she wasn’t pregnant yet… this was back in time.. this was to be my redemption… everything was beige… this was my chance not have another kid… we began to fuck on some boxes… i HAD TO repeat the drama… and set the failure.. because caution would be an admission that i didnt believe in my inventions… i had to go “all in”… this WAS my redemption.. the living room had a window in it to a control room like a studio of some sort… the studio was occupied but the people weren’t people… they weren’t present… “cheryl” was some sort of professional woman.. in a business skirt… which i lifted… penetration felt so good I woke up

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I <3 NY 

May 23, 2006

[23052006 01:34:02] Tarsorrhaphix: engrish coffee
[23052006 01:34:02] *** Auto-response sent to Tarsorrhaphix: WANTED:
flexible hours
start tonight
[23052006 01:34:02] Tarsorrhaphix: luck of the engrish
[23052006 01:35:36] LucidFluid2: shit yeah
[23052006 01:35:44] Tarsorrhaphix: shingrish
[23052006 01:35:46] Tarsorrhaphix: shingles
[23052006 01:35:48] LucidFluid2: bono in engrish
[23052006 01:35:58] Tarsorrhaphix: in the name of reazy
[23052006 01:36:03] LucidFluid2: thomas's engrish muffins
[23052006 01:36:03] Tarsorrhaphix: one more in the name of reazy
[23052006 01:36:06] Tarsorrhaphix: lol
[23052006 01:36:16] LucidFluid2: hehehe
[23052006 01:36:16] Tarsorrhaphix: REAZY BLOODY REAZY
[23052006 01:36:22] LucidFluid2: LOL LOL OL OL  OLOLOOLDSAFj
[23052006 01:36:49] LucidFluid2: Colin Reazy Farrel
[23052006 01:36:58] Tarsorrhaphix: ahahahahhahahhahahha
[23052006 01:37:00] Tarsorrhaphix: reazyheart
[23052006 01:37:07] LucidFluid2: hahahaahhhaahhha
[23052006 01:37:28] LucidFluid2: lock stock and two smoking reazies?
[23052006 01:37:33] Tarsorrhaphix: every man dies, not even man is really reazy
[23052006 01:37:36] LucidFluid2: two reazy barrels?
[23052006 01:37:37] Tarsorrhaphix: hahahahhahahha
[23052006 01:37:46] Tarsorrhaphix: lock stock and top of your serious
[23052006 01:37:48] LucidFluid2: hhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahhahahhahah
[23052006 01:38:16] Tarsorrhaphix: i heard that you and your band were selling your reazy and buying erectronic drums
[23052006 01:38:54] LucidFluid2:
[23052006 01:39:04] LucidFluid2: LOL hahahah
[23052006 01:39:18] LucidFluid2: losing my serious
[23052006 01:39:19] Tarsorrhaphix: heheheheheh
[23052006 01:39:23] Tarsorrhaphix: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHAHAHHA
[23052006 01:39:27] Tarsorrhaphix: thats a keeper
[23052006 01:39:32] LucidFluid2: LOL
[23052006 01:39:32] Tarsorrhaphix: reazy infiltrator
[23052006 01:39:36] LucidFluid2: heheheh
[23052006 01:39:53] LucidFluid2: serious connection
[23052006 01:39:55] LucidFluid2: guilty beat
[23052006 01:39:59] Tarsorrhaphix: hahahaha
[23052006 01:40:28] LucidFluid2: tliburation?
[23052006 01:40:42] Tarsorrhaphix: reazy pistols
[23052006 01:40:51] Tarsorrhaphix: god save the serious
[23052006 01:40:55] LucidFluid2: hahaha
[23052006 01:41:13] LucidFluid2: engrish armada
[23052006 01:41:23] Tarsorrhaphix: lol
[23052006 01:41:28] LucidFluid2: reazy inquisition
[23052006 01:41:32] LucidFluid2: serious inquisition
[23052006 01:41:37] Tarsorrhaphix: hahahahhaha
[23052006 01:41:44] Tarsorrhaphix: serious harlem
[23052006 01:41:48] Tarsorrhaphix: mona reazy
[23052006 01:41:50] LucidFluid2: HA!
[23052006 01:42:03] LucidFluid2: reazy flea
[23052006 01:42:24] LucidFluid2: serious moss
[23052006 01:42:29] LucidFluid2: kate reazy
[23052006 01:43:05] Tarsorrhaphix: engrish republican serious
[23052006 01:43:28] LucidFluid2: engrish as a second language
[23052006 01:43:29] Tarsorrhaphix: king serious VI
[23052006 01:43:34] LucidFluid2: hehe
[23052006 01:43:37] Tarsorrhaphix: english as a second serious
[23052006 01:43:46] Tarsorrhaphix: ENRISH AS A SERIOUS LANGUAGE
[23052006 01:43:56] LucidFluid2: engrish as a serious reazy
[23052006 01:44:00] LucidFluid2: heheheeheheh
[23052006 01:44:06] Tarsorrhaphix: girls gone serious
[23052006 01:44:09] LucidFluid2: hahahhaha
[23052006 01:44:15] LucidFluid2: bonnaroo
[23052006 01:44:24] Tarsorrhaphix: reazypalooza
[23052006 01:44:28] Tarsorrhaphix: serious brothers
[23052006 01:44:36] LucidFluid2: heh
[23052006 01:45:01] LucidFluid2: reazyhead
[23052006 01:45:09] LucidFluid2: reaziohead
[23052006 01:45:20] LucidFluid2: engrishteque
[23052006 01:45:27] Tarsorrhaphix: sargent peppers reazy hearts club serious
[23052006 01:45:27] LucidFluid2: idiorish
[23052006 01:45:42] LucidFluid2: kid serious
[23052006 01:45:53] Tarsorrhaphix: kid reazy
[23052006 01:45:54] LucidFluid2: reazy lane
[23052006 01:46:03] Tarsorrhaphix: reazy poliice
[23052006 01:46:06] LucidFluid2: (sing that one in ur head)
[23052006 01:46:07] Tarsorrhaphix: serious android
[23052006 01:46:12] Tarsorrhaphix: which one?
[23052006 01:46:18] LucidFluid2: engrishneering
[23052006 01:46:33] LucidFluid2: reazy lane
[23052006 01:46:37] Tarsorrhaphix: heh
[23052006 01:46:45] Tarsorrhaphix: like reazy plates
[23052006 01:46:52] Tarsorrhaphix: hail to the serious
[23052006 01:46:52] LucidFluid2: like serious plates
[23052006 01:47:04] LucidFluid2: 2+2=serious
[23052006 01:47:06] Tarsorrhaphix: top of your thief
[23052006 01:47:11] LucidFluid2: ha!
[23052006 01:47:21] Tarsorrhaphix: we drink serious blood
[23052006 01:47:33] Tarsorrhaphix: (i wish i was) serious
[23052006 01:47:34] LucidFluid2: life in a reazy house
[23052006 01:47:37] LucidFluid2: hehehe
[23052006 01:47:46] Tarsorrhaphix: reazy plastic trees
[23052006 01:47:52] Tarsorrhaphix: (top of your) serious
[23052006 01:47:54] LucidFluid2: real plastic trees
[23052006 01:48:01] Tarsorrhaphix: real serious trees
[23052006 01:48:06] LucidFluid2: engrish music (for a film)
[23052006 01:49:00] Tarsorrhaphix: crawling up your serious
[23052006 01:49:14] Tarsorrhaphix: reazyboy
[23052006 01:49:14] LucidFluid2: who would have thought serious could be so funny??
[23052006 01:49:21] Tarsorrhaphix: lol
[23052006 01:49:49] LucidFluid2: serious invaders are smoking grass
[23052006 01:49:58] Tarsorrhaphix: reazy dies last
[23052006 01:50:03] LucidFluid2: YES!
[23052006 01:50:23] Tarsorrhaphix: serious skinhead
[23052006 01:50:35] Tarsorrhaphix: LCD Serious
[23052006 01:50:41] LucidFluid2: ha!
[23052006 01:50:43] Tarsorrhaphix: SERIO))))))))))))US
[23052006 01:50:49] LucidFluid2: LCD SeriousReazy
[23052006 01:50:52] LucidFluid2: heheheheheh
[23052006 01:50:55] LucidFluid2: heehheehhahahahahhah
[23052006 01:51:14] Tarsorrhaphix: reazyfellas
[23052006 01:51:24] LucidFluid2: seriousface
[23052006 01:51:39] LucidFluid2: The Seriousanos
[23052006 01:51:49] Tarsorrhaphix: why does my version of beat connection have no lyrics
[23052006 01:51:57] LucidFluid2: ??? they come at the end
[23052006 01:51:59] Tarsorrhaphix: jean luc serious
[23052006 01:52:02] Tarsorrhaphix: oh ok… phew
[23052006 01:52:07] Tarsorrhaphix: 4 minutes in even?
[23052006 01:52:22] Tarsorrhaphix: ah phew
[23052006 01:52:26] LucidFluid2: like the groove is fruit on the bottom…. from their usual song then groove style
[23052006 01:52:33] Tarsorrhaphix: yeah i got it. god i luvv this
[23052006 01:52:40] Tarsorrhaphix: nobodys getting any serious
[23052006 01:52:48] Tarsorrhaphix: everybody here is top of reazy
[23052006 01:52:53] Tarsorrhaphix: its the reaziest night in the usa
[23052006 01:53:00] LucidFluid2: lol
[23052006 01:53:09] Tarsorrhaphix: juan garcia serious
[23052006 01:53:19] LucidFluid2: camilo reazy
[23052006 01:53:25] Tarsorrhaphix: reazy rojas
[23052006 01:53:30] LucidFluid2: heh heh heh
[23052006 01:53:39] Tarsorrhaphix: top of your hotrovitch
[23052006 01:54:05] Tarsorrhaphix: eric serious
[23052006 01:54:06] LucidFluid2: no sleep til hotorvich
[23052006 01:54:14] Tarsorrhaphix: no sleep till serious
[23052006 01:54:16] LucidFluid2: engrish somers
[23052006 01:54:28] LucidFluid2: somertime and the living is reazy
[23052006 01:54:29] Tarsorrhaphix: cznerious
[23052006 01:54:34] LucidFluid2: hehehe
[23052006 01:54:43] Tarsorrhaphix: tom cznerious
[23052006 01:54:50] Tarsorrhaphix: reazy show
[23052006 01:54:59] LucidFluid2: COM serious
[23052006 01:55:07] Tarsorrhaphix: lol
[23052006 01:55:15] Tarsorrhaphix: reazy in progress
[23052006 01:55:18] LucidFluid2: LOLLOL OLO
[23052006 01:55:20] LucidFluid2: i was JUST GONAN DSA
[23052006 01:55:21] LucidFluid2: Y THA TRONE
[23052006 01:55:23] LucidFluid2: ahahahhahah
[23052006 01:55:34] LucidFluid2: (oh the beeping)
[23052006 01:55:38] Tarsorrhaphix: man this convo has to be blogged
[23052006 01:55:42] LucidFluid2: yep

iTunes on repeat

May 14, 2006

I forgot i turned the volume down on iTunes instead of turning it off… now my readings are gonna be all askew…


why is life so hard sometimes???


Google Current – Cantaloupe

and his cantaloupe balls